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Breuls.log / MacBook heating
Ik ben Peter Breuls. Ik schrijf webapplicaties in PHP, filmreviews en onregelmatig iets op deze weblog. Welkom!
Onder de naam Devize ben ik beschikbaar als developer of consultant voor websites of webapplicaties.
Ik ben werkzaam als Administrator bij online community FOK! en als Lead Developer bij frontoffice-leverancier SIMgroep.

MacBook heating


I've seen some posts, on some blogs, about the SMC firmware upgrade that Apple released this week. I installed it, so whatever has been written about it, I should be able to check. TUAW and others write that the upgrade causes the MacBook Pro to run cooler.

Well, I still think it's a bit hot at times, but yes, it is cooler. Not very much, but I think it's just enough to make it slightly more comfortable. So thanks, Apple, for the upgrade.

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